PHRF San Diego
P.O. Box 6748
San Diego, CA 92166
PHRF San Diego
Rating Certificate

Member Information
Name John V.r. Harrop
Yacht Information
Name Justice
Sail # 9
CF/Documentation pending

PHRF San Diego Handicaps
Windward-Leeward (Buoy) 54
General Purpose (RLC) 45
Offwind/Point-to-Point (OWC) 42
PHRF San Diego Fleet Racing Class

Boat Configuration Data
Manufacturer Flying Tiger
Model FT10 (OD)
Year Built 2006
Hull # 9
Hull Material Glass

Hull Specifications
LOA 32.58
LWL 30.25
Beam 9.17
Draft 7.5
Displacement 4367
Ballast Keel 1914
Keel Type Lift
Keel Material Lead

Aux/Engine OB
Prop Type O/B
Blades 3
Rig and Sail Plan
Rig Type Sloop
Mast Type Fct
Mast Size Std
I 39.25 P 40.17
J 12.08 E 14.75
Headsail Size 105
Rated Sail Area 727.94
Off-Wind Sail Area 727.94
Hydraulics none

Symmetrical Spinnaker
SMW 0 SL 0
Pole 0 SF 27.42
Area 742.5

Asymmetrical Spinnaker
SLU 51.42 SF 27.42
SLE 42.58 ASMW 0
SPL 19.08 ISP 45.25
Area 214.79
Other Information
Performance Factor 6.37
Lifelines/Pulpit perm
Category Limitation none
Reported Modifications

Important Notice about your ratings in San Diego!
For your handicap to remain valid, you must notify PHRF San Diego in writing of any reportable modifications to your yacht. Failure to follow this procedure will carry an automatic 30 DAY SUSPENSION from racing in PHRF races, followed by a San Diego Handicap Board review to determine the extent of additional equipment TIME ALLOWANCE adjustments to be included in that yacht's base handicap.