2020 Race Calendar

Date Race Classes OA Series
2020-01-11 Cabrillo I All SWYC Offshore
2020-02-01 Cabrillo II All SWYC Offshore
2020-03-07 Cabrillo IV All SWYC Inshore
2020-03-14 March Madness All CRA Inshore
2020-04-18 Gerry Browne Regatta All CRA Inshore
2020-05-09 Opening Day Regatta All CRA Inshore
2020-05-23 MB to Oceanside/Oceanside to SD/race both All MBYC Offshore
2020-05-24 MB to Oceanside/Oceanside to SD/race both All SWYC Offshore
2020-06-06 Crown Cup All CYC Inshore
2020-07-11 Commodore's Cup - SD to MB/race both All CRA Offshore
2020-07-12 Commodore's Cup - MB to SD/race both All CRA Offshore
2020-08-29 Sharp Hospice Care Regatta All CYC Inshore
2020-09-12 Dennis Conner Around the Coronados All CRA Offshore
2020-10-02 SD-Ensenada International Yacht Race All SWYC Offshore
2020-11-14 CRA Fall Regatta All CRA Inshore
2020-12-12 Year End Regatta - first race of 2021 All CRA Inshore

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