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Performance Handicap Racing Fleet San Diego
Images courtesy of Cynthia Sinclair

Temporary Ratings
Manufacturer TypeBuoy RatingRLC RatingOW RatingExpiring
Columbia 5.51681681682016/04/25
Beneteau First 357572752016/05/12
J Boats J65-21-24-122016/05/12
Mirage Kirby 301381381382016/06/06
Britt Brothers Custom1901901902016/06/06
Columbia 5.5 Od1721721692016/07/13
Leonardo Yachts 44 Eagle8175752016/07/13
J Boats J80 OD1261141082016/07/27

Upcoming Races
2016-05-28Butler Invitational MB to Oceanside1,2,3,4,5,8MBYCDistance
2016-05-29Oceanside to San Diego1,2,3,4,5,8OYCDistance
2016-06-11CRA Charity Regatta1,2,3,4,5,8CRABuoy

Meeting Info
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 10th 6:00 PM at Southwestern Yacht Club.
Tuesday, May 10th 6:00 PM Agenda
2016-04-12 6:00 PM Agenda
2016-04-12 6:00 PM Minutes
2016-03-08 6:00 PM Agenda
2016-03-08 6:00 PM Minutes

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