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Performance Handicap Racing Fleet San Diego
Images courtesy of Cynthia Sinclair

Important News
Applications for new PHRF certificates must be received by the roster secretary at least 7 calendar days prior to the upcoming monthly PHRF meeting. All applications must have a US Sailing number or a One Design Certificate in order to receive considerat
Don't miss this chance to challenge your navigational skills! Come on out for the 2nd annual Three Mark Fiasco on Saturday, August 1,2015 hosted by SWYC!

Temporary Ratings
Manufacturer TypeBuoy RatingRLC RatingOW RatingExpiring
Gp 26 Donovan7266572015/08/13
Swede 55 M7065652015/08/13
Flying Tiger FT10 w/Code Zero5445422015/08/15
Reichel-Pugh 50-2-56-52-482015/08/23
Mumm 305454542015/08/24
Swan 4417575752015/08/24
Farr 40 (OD)0-3-62015/08/24
Beneteau Oceanis 4231081021022015/08/24
Beneteau Oceanis 4510296962015/09/03
Beneteau Oceanis 3731261261262015/09/06
Hakes Marine TP 52 ORR-72-78-812015/09/07
Gp 26 Donovan8169602015/09/07
GP 26 Dees6948422015/09/07
Jeanneau 3200 Sunfast8787872015/10/12
Beneteau Oceanis 468478782015/10/12
Summit 402121182015/10/14
Jeanneau 3200 frac10296962015/10/15

Upcoming Races
2015-08-08Crown Cup2,3,4,5,8CYCBuoy
2015-09-06SBC Fall/Dolan Series (1/2 of 4)6,7CCYCBuoy
2015-09-13SBC Fall/Dolan Series (3/4 of 4)6,7CCYCBuoy

Meeting Info
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 11th 6:00 PM at Southwestern Yacht Club.
2015-06-09 6:00 PM Agenda

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