CERTIFICATE - How do I get a new certificate?

This is a multi-step answer... Step 1: You must be a member of an SCYA (Southern California Yachting Association) affiliated club. Step 2: You need a Sail Number, not your hull number, unless your class of boat is a One Design Class registered with US Sailing. If you don't have a sail number apply at the SCYA website Step 3: Print the New Member Worksheet, fill it out, then submit an online application with the details from your worksheet, and finally pay online after the information has been verified.

MEMBERSHIP - How do I request a new certificate?

To request a new certificate, you must first login. After logging in, click the MY INFO menu item on the far right of the menu. Click the My PHRF link. At the top of the My PHRF page, click the green Create Application button. The New Member Application Worksheet can be found at the bottom of the instructions page as well as being located under the ABOUT US Tab, Important Documents. Follow the instructions to complete your application. If you are unsure as to how to determine the dimensions of your boat or sail contact your Club Handicapper/PHRF Representative. A list of PHRF Representatives is posted under the ABOUT US Tab.

NEW USER ACCOUNT - How do I create an account?

To create a new user account, click the SIGN-IN/REGISTER button on the far right side of the menu. Next click the Register option. Fill out all of the fields on the Register Form and submit. The system will verify that there is not an account with the same username or email address, both of which must be unique. If all of the information is filled out properly, you will be directed to a Successful Registration page and will receive an email. The email will have a link to Activate your new registration. After your account has been activated, you will be able to log in to the system.

SAIL NUMBER - If a One Design boat is modified to become not One Design (and therefore leaving that class association) must it get a U S Sailing Sail Number?

Any modifications that change the structural configuration of the boat and consequently do not allow it to continue as a One Design shall require a new certificate and a new sail number from U S Sailing (modification of the boat but not necessarily modifications of sails).

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