PHRF San Diego will conduct a Rating Review when such a request is properly submitted.

Any member of PHRF San Diego (any boat owner with a current rating certificate) may request a Rating Review for his/her own boat or any other boat. It is appropriate to request a Rating Review if your boat is consistently scoring well above or well below expectations, likewise for someone else’s boat. If you request a Rating Review of someone else’s boat your name will be public. There is a provision for an Anonymous Rating Review and that requires 3 members to submit such requests and then those names will not be public. You should be prepared to offer information about your boat or the boat you are requesting a Rating Review for. That information should include sails and their age and condition, boat’s bottom – condition and age of paint, and a listing of races showing performance, and any other item you believe to be relevant. PHRF San Diego will review any Rating Review requests a soon as is reasonably possible. The member requesting the Rating Review will be allowed to present information to PHRF San Diego Handicap Review Board, likewise the boat owner, if different, will be allowed to present information, and other members of PHRF San Diego will be able to participate in the meetings.

Please click on the following button to find a document with the most current rating review information.

Rating Review Document

For those wishing to ask for a rating review of your own boat or for a specific other boat, please click the following the button and follow instructions to fill out the appropriate form.

Request Rating Review

For those wishing to ask for an anonymous rating review, please click the following the button.

Anonymous Rating Review

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