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Yacht Mfg Type Reason Current Proposed Submitted Status
Masquerade Ranger 37 This boat (Ranger 37) was originally entered as a tall rig with a rating of 120. Asked and received correction of clerical error to standard rig with correct rating of 126 Somehow, rating changed back to 120 tall rig rating, but mast remained listed as standard rig. Please correct rating back to standard rig rating of 126 as supported by Dave Cattle. I have emails from Dave Cattle to prove his statement, admitted clerical error of previous entry, and his recommendation (Area G Recommended Rating) of 126 for this boat. I also have similar ratings from light air regions to back Dave Cattles recommendation of 126 120 120 120 126 126 126 2020-11-04 14:31:58 Expired
Precepts II Beneteau 40 First CR M Current rating does not reflect mods to the boat. Performance is far above the current rating. 24 21 21 12 9 6 2020-02-13 15:10:10 Review Scheduled
Precepts II Beneteau 40 First CR M It appears that some of the measurements on the cert are noted for a standard rig (ex I, P, displacement) and not the tall CF rig. With CF sprit that is 6.24 feet longer than the J, the downwind sail area is significantly greater than standard yet the rating is only 15 seconds off from the base rating of 36. 24 21 21 0 0 0 2020-02-06 18:03:01 Review Scheduled
Precepts II Beneteau 40 First CR M The First 40 CR has a BHCP of 36 according to PHRF Socal. Precepts II has a Tall Mast (TM), Carbon Fiber (CF) rig, and an oversized bow sprit and asymmetrical spinnaker. My estimates are as follows (Precepts II values/STD values): -3s (TM 52.85/51.01), -3s(ISP 62.37/57), -8s (21.32/16.8), -10s (ASY Area 2019.34/1377), -3s (CF/AL). Total correction from BHCP=36-27s=9s 24 21 21 12 9 3 2020-02-05 12:06:55 Review Scheduled
Staghound Reichel-Pugh 50-2 Staghound consistently sails well above her rating - especially downwind. In a recent distance race, while sailing in the same waters and same conditions, she was boat for boat ahead of faster rated boats in her class, and finished well ahead. She sometimes uses a spinnaker pole as she did in a recent race. It would be extremely helpful to view her measured data and weights on her ORR and / or IRC certificates (if she has any) as compared to data under PHRF. It would be odd for a boat of this nature not to have a measured certificate. -54 -48 -46 -57 -57 -60 2019-10-10 15:02:21 Review Scheduled
Staghound Reichel-Pugh 50-2 The rating is very soft. Numerous changes have been made to the boat to increase performance over the last 5 years and the rating has has been changed to make the boat appear slower. All of the boats that race against Staghound at the current rating are at a disadvantage. -54 -48 -46 -999 -999 -999 2019-06-11 23:50:51 Review Scheduled
Staghound Reichel-Pugh 50-2 Downwind rating not commensurate with the configuration of the boat. Consistent winning despite poor seamanship and tactics. -54 -48 -46 -60 -64 -68 2019-06-11 23:09:25 Review Scheduled
Marlen J Boats J34 Rated as in IOR trim with additional internal ballast, suspect the internal ballast may have been removed at some time, perhaps before current owner purchased boat. Request measurer confirm if internal ballast is present. If not see proposed change below 117 117 117 108 108 108 2019-06-09 16:56:40 Expired
Given-Ho Beneteau 36.7 To match the ratings of other Beneteau 36.7 that have been awarded the new rating noted below. Thank you. 81 81 84 84 84 87 2019-04-21 10:52:42 Expired

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